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Modern Bookcases

Modern Bookcases (13)
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Oakleigh Small Bookcase
Reclaimed Oak Medium Bookcase
Oakleigh Bookcase - medium
Oakleigh Narrow Bookcase
Oakleigh Wide Bookcase
Lincoln Oak Large Bookcase
Dark Contemporary Oak Tall Storage ...
Vancouver Oak Wide Bookcase
Vancouver Oak Bookcase
Hailsham Oak Large Bookcase
Contemporary Oak Bookcase Tall
Oakleigh Cupboard Bookcase
Modern Bookcases (13)
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About Modern Bookcases

With the advent of e-readers, some say that books are on the way out. But true bibliophiles know that books have a special look, feel, and smell all their own. Even the most trendy of home styles can make use of modern bookcases to store these treasures and enhance the overall décor of a living room, office, or study.

Though modern bookcases serve the same function as their traditional counterparts, the basic construction may be very different. Instead of a plain rectangular piece of furniture broken up by thin shelves of wood or press board, these bookcases may be a series of cubicles, alternate between wide and narrow shelves, or sport an open frame with an airy look. Some have chrome supports and a high gloss finish, perfect for pairing with other sleek furniture such as glass-topped tables or pieces accented with mirrors.

Modern bookcases may be finished in one of many different shades. White and black are popular, as both have a clean appearance and lend themselves well to contemporary home design. But cream paint and light wood finish are also appropriate for modern style and make good transition pieces if you’re just starting to from a more classic look. When used in combination, any of these finishes make for a unique addition to your home.

Storage is still an important consideration when it comes to choosing modern bookcases. Ask yourself if the design you like also fills your needs when it comes to keeping your book collection neat and organised. A glossy, open shelf may seem just the thing for your sophisticated living room, but will it hold up under the weight of your favourite hard-cover volumes? Answering these questions will help you to pick out modern bookcases that match up with both your décor and book storage requirements.