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Despite the growing interest in digital media, bookcases are still found in nearly every living room, office, or study. There’s something about a physical collection of volumes that brings a sense of quietness and calm to a room. Book collections large and small should be stored in a way that will best preserve them so that they can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

As the sizes of book collections vary, so do the sizes of bookcases. A small, personal collection of novels or hobby books can easily be kept on a set of low shelves in the owner’s bedroom for easy access. Reference books and other important volumes that are more at home in a study may require a larger amount of shelf space to keep them all in one place. Bookcases can greatly enhance the appearance of a living room as well. Adding both a shelving unit and the books themselves instantly brings the feel of a library to any part of the house.

Bookcases are crafted from a variety of materials, including woods like oak, walnut, and pine. The material you choose should depend on how many and what types of books you will be storing or displaying. Small collections or light volumes like paperback novels can be kept in pretty much any type of bookcase, as they put very little strain on the shelves. A rugged wood such as walnut may be a better choice for heavy books or very large collections.

Whatever bookcase you choose, aim for construction that makes it easy to keep your books orderly and safe. If you have a particularly important or delicate set of books, you may want to look for bookcases with doors. More like a cabinet than a bookshelf, these units include glass-panelled doors that keep books free of dust and dirt while protecting them from moisture and other damaging elements.

The colour and style of your bookcase can match your current home décor, complement it, or work towards updating to a whole new look. Light wood stains and paint colours such as cream or white bookcase bring a sense of space to both traditional and contemporary home designs. Something darker like a walnut bookcase or deeply-stained oak bookcase enhances the image of a classic, cosy study. Or you can keep the kids’ books tidy on shelves with cute, hand-painted accents. The possibilities are truly endless no matter what type of book collection you have.